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Reasons for buying a 49cc/50cc Scooter

Scoters have increasingly become a common means of transport in most parts of the world. They are easy to ride and also quite comfortable to the rider. Scooters also come with the added advantage of allowing even women who do not wear trousers be able to ride them.

The other key thing to note about scooters is the fact that they will come in different sizes for people of big physique as well as the small ones. But which are the most commonly used types of scooters? Below we will look at the 49cc and 50cc scooters. All over the world, these two are said to be the most commonly found and used scooters.

The 49cc and 50 cc scooters have become one of the most common scooters worldwide. The differences between these two scooters is not easy to detect and therefore they are classified together. 49CC scooters will sometimes bear the labels of 50cc scooter and vice versa. The two scooters are of almost equal sizes but they also have other similarities. The legislation on their usage and the engine working mechanisms are the two things that make the two scooters very similar and also popular among buyers. Our focus now shifts at looking deep to see how two factors can make the 49cc and the 50cc scooters so widely used all over the world.

Every two wheelers like motorcycles require the rider to have a motorcycle driving license. An ordinary driver’s license is not enough to allow you to ride a motorcycle anywhere in the world. This law however does not apply to the 49cc and the 50 cc scooters. To ride the 49cc and the 50cc scooters you only need to have a driver’s license. Most people have drivers licenses and the best two wheelers to go for then are the two scoters. The logic behind this is that, no one would like to go a long way to acquire the extra license when there is another cycle that doesn’t require it.

The other factor making the 49cc and the 50cc scooters popular is their engine working mechanism. There are two types of engines that can come with the scooters, the 2 stroke engines and the four stroke engines. The power produced by the two types of engines is almost equal even though their ignition sequence is different. Fuel for the two stroke engine scooters is a combination of petrol and oil. The fuel tank of the four stroke engines requires only petrol to function. The four stroke engine also uses oil but only for lubrication. This availability of choice between a mixed fuel which lasts a little longer and petrol is one buyers like to have.The type of fuel a scooter engine uses is one sure way to know the type of engine used by your scooter.

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