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Tips On Choosing Professional Drug Testing Kits

When you realize you need to do drug test for your employees, you will need to find the best drug test kit. There are different kinds of drug testing kits and all give different results. Because of the great need for accurate results, you will need to find the best quality kits when doing drug tests on employees. Because some people try to mask their samples, you will need a kit that will be able to unmask such things. There are a few things to look out for in a drug testing kit.

First thing to consider is the type of drug you want to test for. Even though some employers will want to test for all the drugs they can think of, most prefer to test for a single drug or two. So if it is only one drug like cannabis you want to test for then you just go for single panel kits. There are multi-panel drug test kits that include the 3-panel and 5-panel kits. The single panel kits will only detect one drug at a time.

Consider also what span of time do you want to test for drug use. Some companies don’t try to find out what their workers do when in their homes. Most will only want to know what they do while at work. The kits needed in this case are those than test for drugs in a short period of time. Others however want to know the history of their employees and want to know if they do take drugs at all. The kits needed in this case are those that give results of a longer period of use.

This will also determine the type of drug test you choose to use. You will need to know how long drugs stay in the saliva or urine or the others. Knowing this, you will be able to make an informed choice on the kits. The drug test chart contains information on the time period and will therefore be an important part of the kit.

For the professional field, you will need to focus on accuracy. Because you want the best quality, you will need to bear the cost. Some companies make substandard kits and sell them cheap. You will definitely not get the accurate outcomes you are looking for. They might not be able to detect some drugs and therefore let the guilty go scot free. You will find that they might also falsely detect some drugs and destroy the reputation of some innocent employees.

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