Practical and Helpful Tips: Almonds

Why are Almonds Good for the Body?

In Calfornia, they produce almonds commercially since their climate is ideal for its growth since they have cool winters and mild springs. Today, more and more people are eating almonds and it has surpassed the popularityof peanuts as the most eaten nut and this is due to the nutritional value and health benefits that you can get from these nuts which have been shown by recent researches. It is a known fact that almonds help a lot in weight loss since they are very filling and keep you satisfied for a long time. Almonds are also high in magnesium which helps prevent diabetes. It also contains the antioxidant agent found in vitamin E and so it helps prevent arthritis and other inflammatory joint disorders. Another benefit of eating almonds is the inhibition of cancel cell growth since it can stimulate a molexular mechanism to protect the damages cells, and it also reduces the risk of Alzeheimer’s diseases. Almonds just happens to be the best single food that a person could eat.

Even during the ancient times, almonds have already become a beloved nut. Even the ancient Egyptians eat almonds because of its ability to increase brain capacity, intellectual ability and long life. They are either eaten raw, roasted or salted, and even use in many body lotions and fragrances.

However, not all almonds are created equal, you definitely want to avoid almonds and any nuts coated in sugar, hydrogeneated oils and tons of sodium.

Almonds also consist of monosaturated fats which are known as good fats. They help lower blood cholesterol levels. The health of your arteries can be improved by good fats unlike saturated fats and dangerous trans fat. You can reduce the risk of heat disease by fifty percent if you eat a handful of almonds five times a week.

The good fats in almonds also help people to lose weight. This is because when you eat almonds you feel full and you also stay full longer.

You can also find a lot of vital nutrients in almonds. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, calcium for the bones, fiber for digestion, and protein for keeping you full for a long time. Almonds have more vital nutrients compared to other nuts.

You can also put almonds in your dishes, cereal, oatmeal, salads, smoothies, fish or chicken. Chocolate covered almonds are also ideal for dessert.

Whether you want to lose weight or to improve your healthy, almonds are the perfect food choice. All almonds are healthy but not all ofer the same quality and flavor. The best almonds to buy are California almonds.

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