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Why You Should Hire the Best Columbia SC Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyers

You may wonder whether you should hire a criminal defense lawyer even for an allegation that you think is a minor thing. Hence if you think you are innocent of a crime, you are being charged with you should expect the court to release you even if you do not have a lawyer. Although the injury you suffered is covered under the insurance policy. It is advisable for you to contact a personal injury attorney in Columbia. The following are the reasons why you need to hire the best criminal defense and personal injury lawyers in Columbia SC.

Your lawyer will ensure you are not coerced by either the prosecutors or the insurance company’s lawyers. This is because your lawyer will guide you when to say no and stand firm against all threats being made by the prosecutor. For example if you are arrested for Dui the prosecutors may intimidate you into agreeing to a plea deal even though there is no sufficient evidence to convict you.

Hence it is very important you get a reasonable criminal defense attorney so that they can caution the prosecutors from use of legal threats. Also even if you are guilty having lawyers will help minimize the penalty you get for the crime.

Prosecutors are known for pushing the court hearing date as a ploy to gather more evidence against you as the defendant. Insurance companies take advantages of a person’s lack of legal counsel to cause unnecessary delays designed to make you agree to whatever amount of money they offer as compensation. Hence you need to have a good criminal defense lawyer or personal injury advocate to expedite the case hearing process whenever necessary. These lawyers are experts in law, and if another party is delaying the process they can sue them and in a criminal case request the judge to drop the case.

Your chances of getting a fair compensation from insurance is determined by the qualification of the personal injury lawyer you hire. Criminal case defenders should know that the prosecution teamwork is to convince the judge and the jury you are guilty and therefore you deserve to be punished. So if you do not have a personal injury lawyers chances are the amount you get paid will not even be sufficient to cover the medical costs. A fair compensation involves sufficient money to not only cover for medical expenses but also pay you for all the days you will not be able to work and also for the emotional pain.

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