Is a Kitchen Hood Right for You?

Cooking smoke can turn your kitchen into a very uncomfortable space. The right kind of kitchen hood Rockland County NY can ventilate your cooking space so that you and your family will feel comfortable hanging out there. Kitchen hoods, which are also called range hoods, can also cut down on the risk of cooking fires.

What Are Kitchen Hoods?

Range hoods have long been a staple of commercial kitchens, and increasingly, they’re being found inside private residences. Range hoods are devices fitted with a mechanical fan that hang above your kitchen cooktop. Most range hoods contain an illumination source that light up your cooking area.

Many kitchen hoods also contain grease traps that filter out grease and other particulates that have a high combustion potential. Some kitchen hoods are even fitted with fresh air fans that draw in air from the exterior of your home.

Two types of kitchen hoods dominate the residential market: ducted and ductless. In ducted models, the hood’s blower motor discharges into a duct system, which whisks smoke and other gases to the outside of your home. Ductless models contain an activated charcoal filtration system that removes odor and smoke particles from the air before the air is recirculated through your kitchen.

The Benefits of Kitchen Hoods

There are many advantages to installing a kitchen hood in your home. These include:

• Improved air quality: Range hoods remove smoke, carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful cooking byproducts from the air in your kitchen.

• Heat removal: Ever lift the lid off a boiling pot only to have your face hit by an uncomfortable plume of steam? Kitchen hoods cut down on the incidence of that kind of mishap by siphoning off excess heat.

Extra illumination: A range hood that’s fitted with lighting will allow you to see your cooking space more clearly. This will help you prevent over-cooking. The lighting can also help you view grease and grime on parts of your stove that are notoriously hard to reach so that your cleaning efforts will be more successful.