How to Recruit and Retain New Real Estate Agents

How Brokers Approach the Task of Recruiting New Real Estate Agents
Recruiting real estate agents is important to the continued success of your real estate business. It can be challenging at times to bring in new representatives.

You could provide a desk by the window or daily donuts, but you most likely are looking to attract a different type of agent. Now is the time to take one step back and devise a strategy. These are the top things you should think about.

Create a Value Proposition—Be Clear on Why Your Brokerage is Valuable in the Eyes of Agents
When you are looking to secure new recruits, make sure you’re clear on precisely what sets your brokerage apart from the rest. Judy LaDeur illustrates value propositions for brokerages in the following way.

If an agent lets you know how your systems play into his or her real estate career—THIS should be your value proposition to that prospective employee. It’s unique for each applicant, but such a perspective can give a broker the tools that are needed to figure it out.

What is the value you provide to your agents? Write down a list. Some examples could include marketing help, technology pieces, lead lists and many more possibilities.

Be sure you recognize precisely what your agents receive from these benefits—in concrete terms. Is it better training, larger splits of commission or better leads? Ensure that you can also explain these advantages with your agents.

Providing benefits such as technology pieces can do a lot of good for your recruiting strategy—not to mention help agents secure better outcomes. When you’re doing a great job at offering tech to your agents already—and you’ve been noticing results from it—be sure to add such information to your list.