How To Obtain A Liquor License In Texas

One of the greatest licenses certain businesses can get is that of a liquor license. If you are running a restaurant or a party store, it is almost essential that you have a liquor license. To get this particular type of license, one must follow a particular set of guidelines. Here is a brief breakdown of what you must do and how to go about doing it.

If a business owner wants to serve alcohol on a daily basis, they will need to apply for a license through their local sheriff department. You will need to choose the correct type of license to apply for which can be tricky as there are well over 20 different types of alcohol permits to get. For instance, if someone is merely serving beer at an event you will need a completely different alcohol permit than you would need if you were serving cocktails at a restaurant environment.

After the proper forms have been obtained, all requested information must be given. Any missing information will be cause for the determining agency to deny the request. The entire process would then be needed to start over again.

The completed forms will be brought down to the State Controller’s Office where it is then given by them to the City Secretary. After this, the applicant will need to undergo a background check and an eligibility check. After this is completed, an interview will be conducted and a hearing will be requested to appear in front of a judge.

As you can see there is plenty of work and hoops to jumpo through in regards to obtaining a Texas alcohol permit. Hopefully, you will be successful in your quest and your business will take right off with the addition of good old alcohol.