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The Simplest Ways of Cleaning Your Office

Office cleaning should not be a bother or a problem in the current era. There are many options you can choose to better your office cleaning activities. By using a cleaning business software, companies that offer cleaning services are in a position to monitor all activities as they unfold, without the team leader or supervisor being on the scene. For businesses looking for a better way to manage their cleaning activities, using Genio Business Software is a big plus. If looking for a way to end all troubles you cleaning crew face, this product will be of great benefit.

Below are some of the fantastic features that make this product the best you can have.

Smart schedule
No matter your location, the system will ensure the daily schedule remain intact. This innovative software gives you the freedom to communicate with your cleaning crew at any time. The software has a good interface which allow you in a single to assign duties to all team members. Save on paper by using this innovative software of its kind.

Live map
Are you comfortable with how you manage your large pool of cleaning crew. Are you sure all your worker always does what you instructed them to do? A Genio cleaning system will help you in finding answers to any uncertainty ringing in your mind. If your business pays workers per the number of hours worked; this product will give you accurate information.

Activity log
How do you ensure the working hours documented are followed by all employees? Genio product has the answer. With this system in place, it is straightforward to tell if your workers are observing the working hours schedule. Do your cleaners observe the code of conduct at work; this product will help in answering such questions. If a customer leaves a comment, the system log indicates the whole chain clearly.

Customer management
Treating a customer to the point of satisfaction should always be a top priority. With this software customer management is easy to manage. The ability of the system to collect all customers information and display it on a single screen, make it the best tool you can have. Communication is key, this software present you multiple ways of passing information to your clients.

The application
This app is the best tool you can have when doing business. If you want speed and accuracy, the Genio app will ensure your cleaning crew get instruction at any time. When meeting new clients or sending a new cleaner to perform a task, the genio apps help in locating the destination. It is the perfect app for cleaning businesses that need speed and accuracy in their work.

There are many benefits of owning Genio cleaning software, for more information visit the Genio site. Now that you have the information, it is time to make a move and start using this product.

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