Best Places to see Fireworks in Dubai By rent a car in UAE

Dubai is famous for its stunning and amazing fireworks in various adventures, such as New Year’s Celebrations or Christmas Eve, Eid or Diwali and many other occasions. “If you hope to call the whole peak season to draw attention to the beauty of the fireworks in downtown Dubai in the exciting Burk Khalifa. So you better create an alternative plan for the light show the Guinness World Record has been recorded because its beautiful and enlightened lighting will undoubtedly be stunning in its style. Never take it for granted to look after this remarkable testimony. Well, just rent a car for a whole day feeling disgusted with the beauty of this bright light that is lit up in the air. Planning your day from any monthly car rental, you can relax without worrying about the statement: “Oh! I miss him. Who’s going to take me to the next fireworks to watch? “Talk, but do not be sorry, the words simply make preparations for rent a car Dubai.

  • Atlantis Palma

Atlantis, The Palm has two packets of fireworks, these are two colors; silver and gold, available elsewhere in the palm of your hand, all these restaurants are under the Atlantis project. Yuan and Ayamna restaurants with a silvery cake, while Nobu, Ossiano, Ronda Locatelli, Seafire and other restaurants representing gold fireworks.

  • Burj Al Arab / Madinat Jumeirah

Fantastic and supernatural fireworks, the testimony of people who love and love the happy coastline in Jumeirah with an extraordinary edge of light in brilliant colors, like a rainbow at night in the stars.

  • Club Vista Mare

Other extraordinary beautiful fireworks over Club Vista Mare, where you can see delicious food under the flames of fire, like a fire falling like rain. For a moment, we’re afraid, as if it comes to mind, but it’s a beautiful view with an unlimited number of drinks in the Peruvian place.

  • Dubai City Festival

For a festival that does not end on the eve, such as Nagnag or Christmas evening with a beautiful show of music and music bands with fun world-wide attractions, to gather people from all over the world and give a bag of international currency to Dubai to earn in full.

  • Qasr Al Sultan

Arab resort Qasr Al Sultan, located next to Dubai’s parks and resorts, is a New Year’s Eve dinner with clear fireworks.