4 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy

Good bosses don’t just sit around and hope that their employees are giving their best efforts to their work. Instead, they try to inspire and motivate their employees by keeping them in happy, healthy and productive moods. If you’d like to be this kind of super-boss, here are just a few tips for putting a smile on the faces of your employees!

1. Replace the Coffeemaker

If everyone complains about the horrible coffee in the break room, it’s time to do something about it. Not only will your employees be appreciative of your efforts, but drinking more coffee will give them increased energy and focus for their work. They won’t have to chug along with sub-par caffeine. Everybody wins with a high-quality coffeemaker!

2. Offer Incentives for Meeting Goals

People will work harder for a carrot as opposed to a stick. Just make sure that your prizes are good enough to be truly motivating; most people won’t care about a cheap gift card to a local restaurant, but they’ll perk right up if you offer them paid time off or an afternoon of working from home.

3. Buy Better Office Furniture

Upgrade to ergonomic chairs. Buy cubicle dividers that give people more privacy. Replace those old storage shelves that always squeak in a distracting manner when people open them. There are lots of ways to improve your office environment with better furniture; click here to see some of your options.

4. Start a Suggestion Box

What do your employees think about their work? Is there anything that they would change about their schedule, salary, break time, vacation time, insurance plan, parking space or office atmosphere? Open an anonymous suggestion box and let your employees share their thoughts with you. You might be surprised at what some of them have to say.

These are just a few tips for creating happier employees. In addition to cultivating a better work environment, you’ll also see more productivity and efficiency from people who are genuinely enjoying their work. Use these suggestions to become a good boss with a happy staff!